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All Star Brackets Posted
 The 2017 Tournament Brackets have been posted.  Please download them under the All Stars tab.

Pool Play Tie Breaker Update for 2017
For Divisions using the Pool Play Format, the tie breaker rules have changed.  Beginning in 2017, the first tie breaker is head to head.  If head to head can't be used, then the Runs Allowed Ratio will be used.  The ratio formula has been updated for 2017.  It is now total runs divided by 6, not by  total defensive innings played.  Also unlike previous years if the run ratio must be used, it will determine all ranks.  We no longer go back to head to head.

Score Reporting and Website Updates
Winning Teams are responsible for reporting the scores of their games to Marty Ort as soon as their game ends.  Text Message or Call (570-614-3290).  However, he will be in the United Kingdom accompanying the Voices of the Valley Select Choir.  Website updates will continue as usual, but due to the difference in time they will be one day behind.  He will be five hours ahead of Northeast Pennsylvania.












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